About Us

BAAGHI is a word from the Urdu Dictionary that literally means a rebel or a revolutionary. The idea behind BAAGHI TV is the fact that television channels and newspapers today have failed to raise true concerns of a common citizen. In a rat race of ratings, TV channels avoid content that matters most to people. PEMRA on the other hand has sanctions that they keep putting on anchors and journalists on unveiling facts.

We are BAAGHI because we broadcast matter that television channels and newspapers not dare touch upon. We at BAAGHI believe that representatives of people are from within the communities and that is why BAAGHI aims to serve as a platform for anyone yearning to raise voice against injustice and inequality. The Web TV aims to be a platform where anyone can raise issues without worrying for consequences.

We invite youth from all walks of life to contribute to BAAGHI and raise your voices. Any input from our valuable viewer base is highly appreciated.