Bailed murder suspect kills six in Iran rampage

Iran rampage
A murder suspect freed on bail killed 6 people including a policeman and 3 family members in a shooting rampage on Wednesday. Photo by

Tehran (AFP): A murder suspect freed on bail killed six people including a policeman and three family members in a shooting rampage Wednesday in central Iran, media reported.

The judiciary announced in the evening that the suspect was later arrested.

The 26-year-old entered two houses in Arak and shot eight people with a Kalashnikov, killing five of them instantly, ISNA news agency quoted the city’s prosecutor as saying.

A sixth victim later died in hospital and another was in critical condition, he added.

The first house targeted was the home of a police officer who had arrested the man last year on charges of complicity in a murder.

The officer, his sister, mother and brother were all killed while another family member was hospitalised.

The suspect then went to the house of the victim who he and two others are accused of killing last year and shot dead his parents. Their son was also injured.

“The suspect who was going to flee to Tehran was arrested,” the prosecution in Arak said, quoted by the Mizaonline news agency.

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His brother, who allegedly accompanied him in the rampage, had already been arrested.

The gunman had been released on bail of two billion rials ($50,000) on January 1.

Gun violence is rare in the Islamic republic and offenders face severe punishment.


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