Blasts in three Afghan cities kill 50, wound 100


Kabul: Not less than 50 people have been died and 100 others wounded on Tuesday when terrorists hit three Afghan cities including capital Kabul, the sources claimed.

According to the sources, as many as 11 people have been died when terrorists expunged with explosives hidden in a sofa at the governor’s ground in Kandahar province during UAE ambassador’s visit to the country. He was seriously wounded in the attack.


In the explosion, a suicide bomber blew him up in front of a minibus that was carrying government employees. When rescue teams approached the scene, a car bomb exploded.

Separately, at least 30 people died and 80 others injured when twin blasts took place targeting the employees leaving parliament annexe.

Moreover, Tuesday morning the Taliban suicide bomber killed 7 seven people in Lashkar Gah, the capitol of Helmand province.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Taliban kicked off their attacks despite the onset of the winter when insurgency usually declines.

The Taliban militants have taken the responsibility of the attack and separately these attacks have mounted the level of insecurity in the country as the US forces are fighting Taliban and Islamic State militants.

Spokesperson of the Afghan health ministry has revealed that the death toll likely to rise as many injured are battling for their lives.

In addition to, the Afghan spokesman claimed that the victims of the attacks were mostly government intelligence agents.

It is noteworthy here that Afghan government has welcomed the decision of the US to deploy 300 US marines inside Helmand province where Nato forces had ended their operations in 2014 but US forces were given powers to keep the strikes continued.

Additionally, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has said that he would bring the criminals behind the bars.

“The Taliban shamelessly claim credit for the attack on civilians and they’re proud of it,” he said in a statement.




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