Death of Fashion in Pakistan by Dr Hamza Mirza


By Dr Hamza Mirza

Pakistan  has witnessed quite a big jump in urban youth fashion luckily most of us are still wearing clothes GOD knows that might get extinct with time .Our country  fashion in 80s and 90s was controlled by film stars .I still remember those days when SULTAN RAHI used to wear dhoti in scorching heat while romancing beautiful ladies ,One can only empathize with him because that was only source of ventilation at temp of 40 degrees in Punjab. Than we had bell bottoms of WAHEED MURAD that gave young boys some hope to look good and propose their future wives back in 70s and 80s .That torturous ride was enough but things took a new turn.

Stalwarts like AMIR ADNAN,DEEPAK PARWANI ,HSY,MARIA b and list goes on and on are fashion idols of our rebellious youngsters. Now a days  when you see zero size models on fashion tv with prominent skeletons one word comes to mind instantly call ( rescue  911 ) ,one thinks of them as malnourished girls from Africa on verge of death bed. We have a beautiful culture in our universities with girls trying to fit in their skinny jeans without allowing themselves the leisure of flexibility you get with shalwar kameez.

We should create (FASHION DISASTER MANAGEMENT CELL) that should not only look after clothes of our young fashionable girls and boys but also their health. SO  can our Urban girls flaunt shalwar kameez with same style as jeans honestly speaking I doubt it  .Do you think HONEY SINGH would make an obedient son when most of our urban youth is his follower. Our Urban girls have become Lara CROFT  from tomb raider .Our urban boys have become EMINEM .the dilemma of our nation is we were blessed with father of nation JINNAH who was voted as best dressed man in 194o,s era .my only question to our urban youth is do we need to go through such pain when beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

The writer is docter based in Lahore and tweets @drhamzamirza




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