Huzaifa Furqan, Five years Old IT specialist of Pakistan


Huzaifa Furqan, the pride of Pakistan has attained the certificates of Window 7, Enterprise Desktop and support technician at the age of five.

When he was  only four years and ten months old he was honored as IT specialist and considered as the youngest specialist in world.

The little shining star has big dreams and aims to be a scientist and wants to invent that system which can be run without electricity.

Huzaifa resides in Lahore Pakistan and he is student of KG. According to his dad “Huzaifa was always interested in Computers, Laptops and tabeltes and even has broken many of them, but it encouraged his intellectual level.”

Huzaifa can do the complicated and technical things in minutes like window sharing and window 7 updating system.

After Arfa Karim, Huzaifa Furqan has proved that Pakistanis are not ordinary and there is a lot of talent in Pakistan that only needs to be groomed and get admiration and appreciation.



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