Indus Water Treaty: Pakistan asks to restart arbitration process


Washington: Pakistan has asked the World Bank to restart Indus Water Treaty arbitration process.

Despite India’s objection, in its communication to the World Bank, Pakistan has asked the World Bank to restart the arbitration process to save Indus Water Treaty. Pakistan claimed that arbitration is the only solution to water dispute between India and Pakistan.

Present issue is regarding the Kishanganga, Neelum River and the Ratle, Chenab River, and the building up of hydroelectric plants by India. According to Indus Water Treaty, water from these rivers is supposed to be given to Pakistan out of which India is building dams. The issue reached new heights last month when Indian Prime Minister, Naerendra Modi, threatened Pakistan to block the flow of water. It was already asked from both countries, by the World Bank, to decide the way they want to resolve the issue to save Indus Water Treaty.

India’s spokesperson told World Bank’s representative, Ian H. Solmon, that India does not accept arbitration but demands to appoint a neutral expert on this issue. While Pakistan refused it by arguing that neutral expert can only observe technical issues of a problem but not legal issues which should be dealt with only in court.

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Pakistan has asked India to appoint three umpires on this issue. If India refuses, Pakistan has the right to demand drawing of lots for the appointment of these umpires. If one of the countries refuse to participate in drawing lots, the other can asks the President of World Bank to nominate someone to draw lots. Pakistan has also showed its willingness to accept Secretary General of United Nations, the Rector off the Imperial College of S and T and the Lord Chief Justice of England as appointing authorities.

After a series of negotiation with India, as said by Pakistani officials, it is concluded that arbitration is the only solution to this dispute as the issue can not be sorted through bilateral talks.




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