Morocco bans sale and production of ‘burka’

Morocco has not made any official announcement on the policy. Photo by BBC

Rabat: Morocco government has banned the production, sale and import of burkas due to security concerns, the government officials said.

They went on to say that the letters with government orders had been issued on Monday, giving business community 48 hours deadline to get rid of the stock from market.

Moreover, no official announcement was made on any media source but anonymous government officials told the markets and outlets that the decision had been made many days ago.

Meanwhile, a high official of the Morocco’s interior ministry confirmed the ban saying that the outlawed and terrorists have usually been found wearing these burkas in order to perpetrate their crimes.

It is pertinent to mention here that the burka is a kind of dress which covers a women’s whole body including face and not widely worn in Morocco. Most of the women wear hijab which covers whole body but not the face.

Burka in Afghanistan
The burka is not popular in Morocco. Pictured: Women in Afghanistan wearing burkas. Photo by BBC

In most of the conservative areas of the Islamic world, most of the women cover their faces with naqab which leaves the area around the eyes uncovered.

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Moreover, Hammad Kabbaj, the man who was banned from contesting parliamentarian election last year, has denounced the ban on burka, as BBC reported, and mocked the Morocco government over curbs on freedom and human rights.


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