PM inaugurates water filtration plant at Katas Raj Temple Complex


Chakwal: Wednesday, January 11,  While addressing at Katas Raj Temples Complex, Prime minister Nawaz Sharif said many steps have been taken by government to safeguard the minorities and to improve the standard of their lives. He expressed confidence that soon every one would recognize Pakistan as minorities friendly country.

PM Nawaz Sharif was addressing the public on the occasion of the inauguration of a water filtration plant set-up on the Katas Raj Tmple’s Holy Amarat Jal Pond. He said that plant will provide clean water to the Hindu pilgrims. He asked government officials to ensure the hosting, protection and expansion of minorities worship places in Pakistan.

PM said, Islam and all other religions promote and preach peace. The PM further said people belonging to any religious group have equal rights in the country; they all are working with each other to promote peace and progress in Pakistan.

PM quoted Islamic history in his speech; he stated, in the early days of Islam when Muslims migrated to Madinah, they treated minorities with respect and protected their rights. He continued, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared those minorities a single nation along with Muslims. He also said according to Quran, Allah is the God of everyone, not just Muslims’. He said he is the PM of every Pakistani and not just of Pakistani muslims.

He ensured the construction of Baba Guru Nanak and Gandhara Universities. He also talked about the progress in the country which his government made, roads and motorways’ network.

To conclude he criticized PTI’s leadership and said “the founders of Naya Pakistan are not building any thing but we are”. He told that a six-lane motorway from Hassanabdal to Havelian shall also be built.

Sharif also took round of the various areas of temple compound and was informed about the historical importance of those areas.








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