PTI should approach accountability courts, says Justice Khosa


Islamabad: Tuesday,  While resuming the hearing of the Panama scandal, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa advised the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to approach the accountability courts if it wants to get judgement on the basis of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigations.

While presiding the five-members bench of the apex court, he gave remarks that the Supreme Court is a constitutional court, don’t make it a trial court. He was hearing the petition about disqualification of the Prime Minister.

Yesterday, Justice Khosa said, “the purchase or time of the purchase of the Sharif’s London flats is not basic problem, but it is “honesty” which is the problem in this case.” He added, “the real issue is that all statements of Nawaz Sharif in his public address and and parliament contradict each other.” He said that it is wondering whether the person is honest to the nation, National Assembly and even to Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Justice Sheikh Azmat pointed towards PTI’s counsel, Naeem Bokhari, about the caution about the disqualification of the case under Article 62-63. He said, “if we initiate to disqualify people under this reason, no one will be safe, not even your clients”.

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