Samsung chief to be questioned as suspect in S Korea scandal

Samsung VP
Lee Jae-yong has already been quizzed by politicians over the scandal at a parliamentary hearing. Photo by BBC

Seoul: Mr Lee Jae-yong, the vice president of electronics giant Samsung is going to be questioned as a suspect by the persecutors in a corruption scandal that has surrounded impeached South Korean President Park Guen-hye.

It is pertinent to mention here that the electronics giant firm is accused of giving donations to two non-profit organizations administered by Choi Soon-sil, the close confidante of President Park.

According to the sources, the funds were exchanged for gaining political and business-concerned favors.

The vice president of Samsung would face special prosecutors tomorrow while the firm declined to comment.

Mr Lee became the de facto boss of the Samsung Electronics when his father, Lee Kun-hee, suffered a cardiac arrest in 2014.

It is noteworthy here that the politicians voted to impeach President Park on December 9, 2016 over a corruption scandal – a decision that South Korean top court has six months to uphold or overturn.

Until then, she would remain the president but her powers have been handed over to prime minister of the country.

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South Korean president
File photo of South Korean President Park who denies wrongdoing. Photo by BBC

The Samsung has been alleged for donating €2.8m euros ($3.1m) to a non-profit firm run by by Ms Choi in return for Ms Park’s support for the deal.

Lee Jae-yong has already given evidence to politicians over the scandal, but this is the first time he will be quizzed as a suspect by investigators, the BBC reported.

In addition to, owners of big firms when asked, said that “you can’t say ‘no’ to government living in South Korea”.

Separately, in December, the Samsung officials accepted that the firm donated as many as 20.4b won (£16m) to the two non-profit foundations, but they denied seeking any favors.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors also questioned two executives of the electronics giant but they were only treated as witnesses rather than suspects.

Separately, President Park denied any misconduct while being in power but she apologized through televised speech for the way she managed the relationship with Ms Choi. Ms Choi has been charged with coercion and attempted fraud.


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