Shameless government pays tribute to Edhi’s services by taking tax on Edhi foundation’s vehicles


Karachi: Government for the first time demanded tax from Edhi foundation; the demand aroused after the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Released documents of Edhi foundation states that it paid over Rs. 14.3 million in customs duties and over Rs 3 hundred thousand to the Excise department.

Faisal Edhi said their ambulances were held for twenty two days at the port which was also the reason of large number of deaths in Sehwan tragedy as they could save many of them by providing emergency service to the victims.

He said not a single official was ready to meet them to clear ambulances; he added, “it took five days just to get an appointment.”

The Edhi Foundation runs Pakistan’s largest ambulance network and it is also the world’s largest voluntary ambulance service with over 18 hundred ambulances operating across the country.

Abdul Sattar Edhi six decades ago started it with a single used Hillman Pickup truck reframed into an ambulance; till then same trend is observed.

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Faisal Edhi told media that “We import regular vehicles, not ambulances as it costs low to convert them into ambulances in Pakistan.”

Faisal also said that government asked his foundation to pay taxes to release their vehicles, he added, “this also, after days of running from one office to another; finally we were asked meet the minister if want an exemption. We decided wasting more time was pointless, and paid.”

Faisal said that the organization for decades worked hard to save lives, but it seems, “they don’t trust us.”

on the other hand, Sindh taxation minister said; “If they file for refunds, they will be granted but it will be across the board, from federal and provincial setup.”

Faisal to which responded that previous tax refund claims are still pending though the organization had fulfilled all requirements.


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