US strike killed Afghanistan Al Qaeda leader Qahtani: official


The US military affirmed Friday it had killed Al Qaeda’s emir for northeastern Afghanistan amid an air strike a month ago, in a noteworthy hit to the gathering as it looks to re-set up places of refuge in the nation.

Pentagon representative Peter Cook portrayed the ambush that executed Farouq al-Qahtani as an “accuracy strike” and said it occurred on October 23 in Kunar, Afghanistan.

“This fruitful strike is another case of US operations to corrupt global psychological oppressor systems and target fear monger pioneers who try to assault the US country, our interests and our partners abroad,” Cook said in an announcement.

He said another Al Qaeda pioneer in the nation, Bilal al-Utabi, was focused in a different strike, however the aftereffects of that assault were not yet known.

A month ago, US official said various Hellfire rockets had leveled two mixes in Kunar where the men were accepted to stow away.

One US official said the assault spoke to the most noteworthy strike against the Al Qaeda authority in Afghanistan in years.

The Pentagon has been effectively chasing for Qahtani for a long time. He had longstanding ties with Osama canister Laden before his passing in the 2011 US attack on his Pakistan compound.

Qahtani has worked in Afghanistan since no less than 2009 and drove an Al Qaeda force since in any event mid-2010.

His delegate Utabi was viewed as the second-or third-most senior Al Qaeda pioneer in Afghanistan.




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